Wednesday, July 13, 2005


A long, tiring but really enjoyable day. I had my graduation ceremony at the University of Warwick to receive my BSc (Hons) International Business degree, class 2.i ! Very hot weather, and after initially having a few problems with traffic when getting up to the M4 from Bath, we got there with time to spare.
Looked good in the gown (even though I say so myself), and we had a free lunch buffet provided by the Business School in a marquee overlooking the lake by the Scarman Road building. Ceremony was good, just the right length with a nice music programme, the Chancellor giving a short speech and Simon Mayo being awarded with an honorary degree (and a funny speech after that included a description of a few of his antics when he was a student of History & Politics at Warwick).
Photos in the piazza afterwards while chucking our mortarboards, and then all too soon it was time to leave with all the clobber we had collected during the day!
Went back a slightly strange route as part of the Fosseway was closed, but we ended up finding a really nice pub called the Kilkenny quite unexpectedly just as we pulled up next to a T-junction. Stopped for a light supper in the garden of the pub, which was just right and very relaxing.
Got back home just after 10, unfortunately discovering that my grandmother had had a chest pain episode and had been taken to hospital. She went back home with my uncle though which was fortunate!

Right as it's so ridiculously late, I'm going to bed!
Night all!


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