Wednesday, July 20, 2005

preparations for Japan

These are going slowly but surely, but tomorrow I'm off to London for 4 days as I'm going to a reception at the Japanese Embassy on Friday, which should be fun! Been feeling like a tourist the past week as I've been buying a lot of gifts and mingling with all the foreigners in the tourist tat shops in Bath. Still, I have managed to buy lots of postcards, keyrings, pencils, tea bags, tea towels and some nice books about England & Bath. Still looking for those miniature bottles of whisky....

Had to buy 3 new sets of shoes yesterday as I have to wear different shoes indoors for Japanese schools. Great! I also bought a bunch of magazines about football, music and cars that I thought might be interesting for the children.
Only a week and a half to go!! And I'm struggling with packing to go away for 4 days!! This should be fun....


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