Sunday, July 10, 2005

pub lunch with Jo

Very hot day today, but had made plans to go and see Joseph for lunch over in Bristol. Went to a nice pub called the Highbury Vaults in Clifton and had a cheese ploughmans, washed down with a pint of Waggledancer. I miss good pub grub! Don't have it enough. Took an hour to get to Bristol though cos there was loads of traffic in Brislington and some traffic lights were stuck on red which held us up for ages. Joseph lives in a very nice flat with 2 girls just up from the BRI, and I have to say I was very envious of it. Not fair, especially as he was only paying £70 a week for it!!! Apparently, one of the flats in the block was bought for Euan Blair but he didn't live there in the end cos of all the controversy surrounding the sale of the flat - still, he ended up on the waterfront instead, again not bad!

Gonna sit outside now and enjoy the rest of the sunshine. Have a good Sunday everyone!


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